Household Goods

We offer several lines of household goods coordinated for home living and made with the consumer in mind,
from cleaning products to toilet/bath products to floor mats.

  • High Magic Wet Mop

    Microfiber mop removes dirt using only water.

  • “Bath Bon”
    Bath Brush

    Split yarn removes dirt without using detergent.

  • Squeegee

    Soft blade fits curved surfaces to remove water.

  • SUSU
    Antibacterial Bath Mat

    Bath mat absorbs water and dries quickly.

  • SUSU
    Premium Bath Mat

    Bath mat absorbs water and dries quickly, and feels great to step on.

  • SUSU
    Antibacterial Umbrella Case

    Folding umbrella case made with chenille yarn absorbs water and dries quickly.

Commercial Goods

Our products help to keep urban environments clean, from railway stations and schools to offices and stores.

    Free Handle Touch One Series

    Easily attach and remove attachments with just 1/4th the strength!Head thickness is the industry’s thinnest at about 35 mm, making it easier than ever to mop around.
    Attach: The head attaches firmly with the light press of a button.Release: Easily release the head by pressing the buttons on both sides at the same time.

    Liner Cart Multi 60

    Covered cart stores tools smartly and efficiently. Lid opens from front or back to easily remove tools.
    Easy-to-press horizontal grip.
    Catcher holds cleaning tools in place.
    Casters have stoppers and a step makes it easy to go up or down levels Doors on both sides open wide. (To the right and left)

  • Medical Waste Container Holder SK-F

    Holder’s height, width and depth can be adjusted to fit the container.

  • Umbrella Raindrop Remover HD

    High-absorption fibers quickly absorb water drops from umbrellas. No more need for umbrella bags.

  • Resin System Mat

    Entrance room mat comes in many styles to choose from by function and design.

  • High-Absorbency Mat for Rainy Weather

    Mat with high absorbency and water retention performs well in rainy weather or with melting snow.

    Automatic Scrubber CSA-17BX-S

    A compact floor scrubber that is easy to steer around and maintain. The sloped front ensures a clear view of the floor ahead. Maintenance-free battery with built-in recharger saves trouble. Two settings for adjusting pad pressure. (Standard: 18 kg; High pressure: 28 kg)
    A touch panel allows control of all operations at one’s fingertips.

    Vacuum Cleaner CVC-301X

    Quiet operation for use even in places where noise is an issue. Retractable power cord adds convenience.
    Both a thermal protector and fuse offer extra safety.
    A cord support prevents the cord from inadvertently getting unplugged. Designed to move well in a straight line; large casters allow for smooth rolling. Bumpers provide good cushioning. Either paper or cloth bags can be used. (Mechanism prevents operation when paper bag has not been attached.)

Green Rooftop Systems

We develop unique green mat products for use on rooftops, based on our long experience as an environmental goods manufacturer.
It is easy to make your rooftop green and more environmentally sound.

  • Green Rooftop System

    Our Eco Green Mat is made of a patented fiber structure at a thickness of just 35 mm that allows the growth of plants. Even grass grows well, once thought difficult to grow in a thin layer on a rooftop. This ultra-lightweight system can be installed on either new or existing buildings. The basic system weighs approximately 28 kg/m2 when damp.

  • Green Corrugated Roof System

    Our lightweight Eco Green Mat makes it possible to green even corrugated roofs, where a weight limit is in place. A green roof reduces surface temperature and helps to save energy. The basic system weighs approximately 36 kg/m2 when damp. It can also be utilized for factories and distribution centers to increase green cover percentages.

  • Planting Panel, Green Wall Face System

    A new field in urban development, the use of green walls has a healing effect on passersby and increases the appeal of a building. Our panel-type system is easy to install and covers a wall with planted greenery that changes from season to season. The system offers a high rate of green wall coverage from the outset.

  • Planting Planter, Green Wall Face System

    The use of our Eco Green Mat in place of soil allows for lightweight, compact planters. There is no leakage of soil, and it provides a good growing environment for plants. A climbing or hanging setup suitable for different plants can be created by combining with wire mesh, offering a low-cost solution for greening a wall.

Medical Care Goods

Using our unique experience and manufacturing facilities, we are creating new products for healthcare, nursing care and welfare, a field that is growing as society ages.

  • Floor Stand Handrail “Rakki”

    Support for sitting or standing up from a futon or bed.

  • Non-Slip Safety Mat

    Reduces falls due to slipping. Deodorizing, antibacterial, and moisture-permeable.
    The mat’s bottom surface is made of non-slip adsorbing acrylic resin.

  • Medicine Box

    Ideal for checking what medicine to distribute; prevents mistakes.

  • Medicine Cart

    Both transports and stores medicine trays, making it easy to do the daily rounds of administering medicine.